Trigger McTalon

Trigger McTalon visited every town in the United States of America. In each town he found a forest or forest-like area and erected a 17-inch statue of Trigger McTalon. He didn't actually erect anything, though, since the statues were just whittled tree stumps.

He took a picture of each statue with his iPhone.

He printed a copy of the picture with his portable Photo Cube™.

He framed the picture and added the inscription: "This is a statue. It exists in your woods. It is also a tree. Chop it down and take a picture of yourself holding it. Email the picture to and I will pay you $1."

Then he hung the frame in the men's bathroom of one of the town's fast food restaurants. If the town didn't have a fast food restaurant, he lived in the town until it did.

Trigger McTalon is very old and very rich.