The iPhone Helicopter Cop Scare

I am in a field that is close to a police station. Possibly I am on the deck (outside dining area) of a fancy restaurant. All of sudden, a helicopter that is like a clown helicopter flies over my head. I am with people who I believe I've just met; they don't seem familiar. The copter is doing something outrageous and all the people outside rush to get a closer/better view. I immediately whip out my iPhone and take a video of the crazy spinning colorful helicopter as it crashes to the ground.

I am in a police station. Apparently someone I was with was connected to the copter crash, or did something unruly post-copter incident, so he/she is now in this funny rural jail. One of the cops or non-cop police station employees figures out that I filmed the helicopter on my iPhone. I am told that I can either delete the video or be placed under arrest. The guy saying this has like olive skin and jet black hair, and is at least one-foot shorter than me. He watches me delete it. I immediately feel horrible about deleting it because A) it was such a cool thing and now I won't be able to share it, post it on the internet, etc. and B) I remember reading on a blog it's well within my rights as a goddam American to be able to film anything I want, including weirdo helicopters tail-spinning to earth outside fancy restaurants. I think I am starting to contort my face into a pout.