Mayo Dip in the Control Room

I am in a large confusing space, similar to the control room at NASA, or the depiction of it in movies where like 100s of people are crammed into a big gym-like auditorium, pacing up and down rows, staring at computers. I cannot recall the 'plot' of this dream. It feels like all the people there are trying to figure something out. It sort of has a 'murder mystery' feel to it.

It seems to be swarming with attractive, youngish brunettes, who all look almost identical. They are snarky and unhelpful as well. At one point, someone starts talking about mayonnaise for some reason, and I notice a jar of Hellmann's being passed around. I possibly notice someone 'take a sample' from the plastic container of mayo, possibly with some type of instrument. Either way, I get the strangest sensation to dip my finger into the mayo jar and get some mayo to eat, "Puck-Pedro, Real World 3: San Fran" style. While I like mayo on and in lots of food items, this is something I would never do. I have an aversion to the taste of mayo by itself for some reason. Similar to what happened on The Real World, everyone is appalled by my actions.