Pink Spaceship

Johnny was a trader. You know, stocks. Inside the pink spaceship in his garage he kept a sack of grenades. Just in case. He lived in Wisconsin and flew the spaceship to Wall Street in New York City every weekday. His roommate Glenn thought that the spaceship was a time machine but Johnny wasn't sure. While they were enjoying milk and cookies on Christmas Eve, they had a discussion about it.

"Why don't you think your spaceship is a time machine, Johnny?" Glenn asked.

"Well, Glenn," Johnny said. "I don't think it is a time machine because it's never time-traveled before and I use it quite often. Also because it is pink, which would be a ridiculous color for a time machine."

"That's a good point, Johnny," Glenn said. "All fine points, for that matter."

Their pet polar bear was napping by the fireplace.